A Guide for Finding Shoes for Tall Feet.

Finding beautiful well-fitting shoes for big feet can seem like challenge.

At Chiqui Alta, we are dedicated to designing shoes for tall women and big feet. We’ve worked really hard on creating lasts (magical shoe-land term for shoe moulds) that are made for larger feet. Chiqui Alta “Hightail” shoes provide everyone soft, comfortable support. Their high-top design makes them a great all-rounder that works for narrower feet, with more shoe to keep your feet in; and also the soft leather moulds well to slightly broader feet. Measuring your feet with our FitKit and checking the Size Chart is a great way to see your sizing.

Find your fit. 
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Leather and Fit

Chiqui Alta shoes are made in the highest quality leathers that tend to give with wear. 

Hightail Golden Girl and Tall Poppy shoes are made in sumptuous buttery, unlined leather and crafted specifically to be comfy around the toes. The leather is soft enough to mould to your foot but of a quality that doesn’t expose every bump on your feet. 

These are also a great option if your foot is slightly wider. Amazonia is a luxurious Italian cow leather printed in python. It’s fully leather lined for extra comfort. These are a great option if your foot is more narrow. 

Hightails are designed to fit as a standard size.