Ballet Flats
for Big Feet.



Ballet Flats for Big Feet

LOOKBOOK - The Hightail

On the Run

These days you have to get up and be ready for anything. My days go from walking the dog, dropping off kids, Skype meetings, office meetings, to having friends over. We won’t be in lockdown forever but I need outfits that can transform as my day does. Having a great pair of tights and beautiful flats takes you where you need to go.

Anywhere, everyday.


Coffee Shop Rendez-Vous

I think half my life now is meeting for a coffee. Even pre-COVID I was a huge coffee adorer. I can’t stand instant or pod coffee. If you know me, you know it has to be the real thing. If I can’t meet you at a coffee shop I’ll be bringing you a coffee.  I’m loving shirt-dresses with jeans right now. Combine these with a pair of Amazonia blue flats and you are in the right attire for office meetings to play dates in the park – and best of all it looks effortless. 

Anywhere, everyday.


Party Time

Everyone needs to let loose and party, especially now when gatherings are restricted for some of us. I found this pink taffeta number in an op shop and combined it with a pink tulle skirt and a red belt to create a unique outfit for my launch party. The best part is with my Chiqui Alta ballet flats I can dance all night – if they let me! Still, I’ll look adorable.

Anywhere, everyday.


Team Meeting

It’s a meeting but not as we knew it. It’s the weekly Zoom chat with the A-team and it’s time to play Wank-Word-Bingo – how many times can Cynthia say “pivot”? Or can you use the word “excruciating” seven times during your update? Team bonding is still alive and well.

Anywhere, everyday.


Bold Colours for Bold Feet

You were born to stand out. Find the flat that speaks to you and rock your everyday, anywhere style.