About Chiqui Alta & Why We Love Big Shoes.

We Stand Tall. 

Marina Cid, Founder Chiqui Alta, shoes for big feet

At Chiqui Alta, we stand tall on our own two feet.

​We recognise tall feet as our badges of honour and gifts bestowed on us. Our feet are proof that we were born to stand out and not "fit in," to shoes that are too small. Tall feet are to be celebrated, adored and worshipped with glorious footwear.

At Chiqui Alta, we are putting one foot in front of the other and proceeding one shoe at a time to create a collection of modern shoes for Tall Tootsies and Big Feet. There are more to come. We have a tall dream that every tall foot is included, and can find women's shoe in big sizes that they loved. We're starting from size 39 to 46.  But if you're taller than shoe size 46 tell us and we'll see what we can do.

Chiqui Alta is proud to serve tall women with big feet and create beautiful shoes in larger shoe sizes.