Tall Women Always Stand Out

Tall Women Always Stand Out - Chiqui Alta

As modern, sophisticated women, we want to look good and find clothes and shoes that fit and represent the style we wish to project.

When our favourite brands only have standard length in-seams or stop shoes at 41, they are inadvertently making a comment to exclude tall people.

We know the media portrays an image of the unattainable perfect female. Our culture succumbs to these messages paid for by advertisers seeking the mass market. It’s purely a money game. Providing clothes and shoes to tall women with big feet doesn’t play to the mainstream.

If we absorb these messages every day, we can start to feel a little out of place. Despite our towering size some days we can feel a bit unseen, a little overlooked. “If only they made them in size 43.” I hear comments like this all the time.

Our height and grand foot size are badges of honour and shape the way we see the world. They mark out our individuality and unique beauty. All we want to do is be able to dress the way we want, in clothes and shoes we choose, that fulfil our sense of style. Whether we are seeking to be feminine, contemporary or minimalist, we all want to feel included and have the ability to choose what we wear, whatever our size.

This, for me, was especially true for shoes. The brands I covet all seem to stop at a 42 and often they are quite narrow. 

All the searching for the right size was one of the reasons I decided to create beautiful handmade ballet flats in leather for bigger feet, in sizes EU 39 to 46. I know how hard it is to buy shoes online and so I developed the FitKit. It’s a simple guide to help take some of the guesswork out of finding your shoe size. You can download the FitKit here or follow the link at the side of the page. 

The FitKit is one way to help women with big feet find their size and is my way of saying – I hear you. Finding shoes and clothes in bigger sizes is tough.

Chiqui Alta is all about promoting the needs of women with long limbs and big feet. After all, we want to be included and have the right to choose, like all our sisters.

Downloading the FitKit is one way to support a brand supporting bigger size shoes for women. As tall magnificent creatures here are some of the other things you can do you encourage your right to choice and inclusion:

Believe in yourself. We know that every day someone will comment on how tall you are, or how you’re different. You have to remember; you were born to stand out, not "fit in," to shoes that are too small. You’ve been bestowed with the beauty of a goddess. Be proud. Stand tall.

Follow tall communities such as The Tall Society and Team Tall on Facebook. These spaces are dedicated to promoting the cause for tall women and have loads of advice and members sharing details on where to buy clothes.

Shop at independent tall clothes and shoe retailers such as Chiqui Alta, and Height-Of-Fashion. This helps support more choice for tall people and also puts pressure on more prominent brands to make bigger sizes.

Follow tall blogs. I get excellent advice, style tips and information on who has shoes and clothes for tall women. Some of the ones I have found helpful include (list is updated regularly):

Pretty Big Shoes - a complete review of global sellers of shoes for big feet.  It's a tall footed girl's bible.

Pretty Tall Style  - at 6’4 she makes tall style easy with a mix of high street and unique pieces

Tall Fashion Adventures - a new mum seeking out tall fashion. I love her ideas and real world approach.

Being tall is a gift. But it can make shopping more of a challenge, but we are resourceful. There are more and more great shops, especially  small businesses like me and bloggers serving tall women. We're all investing in you, so hopefully you feel a little more like you "fit in" to the right size whenever you shop.