My Great, Big Voluptuous Feet!

My Great, Big Voluptuous Feet! - Chiqui Alta

Imagine if women’s feet were as revered as much as women’s boobs? Most of a woman’s body is dissected in every possible way and fawned over: big breasts, big booty, but big feet?

I’m a shoe size 42 generally. In height, I’m a meagre 5’9 or 176cm. On the “tall scale” I’m kind of small. Growing up, however, I was the tallest kid in my grade throughout primary school and before the boys outgrew me. But on the foot scale, I still push above my size. I’ve met many a taller woman with smaller feet than me. My feet are a D cup equivalent. I have a completely voluptuous pair. They’re ripe, ample and curvy. Definitely well endowed.

Growing up, my petite 5’4 mother would often refer to me as “splaw-foot,” or tell me to watch out for my clod-hoppers, or my hoofs. (Australian slang meaning big feet).

My height, weight and feet have always been something I have downplayed. I was nagged about standing up straight. For as long as I can remember I have had (and still have) a slouch. Hmmmm…. I had a slouch to minimise my above-average being.

And while there are absolute benefits from being the tall one, the world is yet to see glamour in big feet. I could never fit into the Cinderella shoes at kindergarten, the bigger shoes I found in stores were only for those attempting to hike to Nepal, and they didn’t fit. I need to pre-order my shoes so that I can secure a size 42/43 before they are sold. I can never share shoes with my sister or my friends. I definitely cannot buy shoes in an emergency if my shoes breaks (I’ve had to use rubber bands on my sandals to make it back home).

These days being tall is applauded. It seems almost every shape and size has found a champion. But those with bountiful feet are still finding their champions.

Models such as Elle MacPherson, grace the earth as heavenly creatures and are adored for their effortless poise and incredible beauty but if their great big voluptuous feet are shown they’re often trolled.

The ever-talented Kate Winslet has been applauded for her abilities, acting, parenting, being courageous. Still, her larger than average feet seem to be her greatest flaw.

“Kate Winslet was a vision in blue at a London film premiere this week. Her stunning body-con dress (top) had clearly been made to measure by Stella McCartney. But my, what big feet…”
Alison Boshoff, 2015, ‘March of the Bigfoot celebs: Why DO so many famous women have such monster feet?’ The Daily Mail.

While it’s not an exact science – big feet do correlate with height. Surely if it’s hip to be tall, then big feet are the sign of Amazonian goddess-ness. Clearly then women like Kate, with ampler than average tootsies must be blessed.

So, despite the cynicism and sizeism, we need to stand tall on our voluptuous feet and be our own champions.

My big cloppers are mine, and I love every curve of them.