Chiqui Alta is Relocating to Australia.

Chiqui Alta is Relocating to Australia. - Chiqui Alta

In this dynamic changing world, my family and I have decided to move from our current base in Valencia, Spain home to Australia. This means Chiqui Alta, the home of the ultimate tall chica flat, will be taking a few months break while we pack up and re-establish ourselves in the land of Oz. 

Next week Wednesday 13 May 2020, will be my last trading day.  I’ll be holding a 24-hour flash sale, to minimise moving costs and provide European customers with a one-time great offer.

The decision to relocate now is based on impacts of Covid and what is best for my family. It involves a combination of conflicting emotions. This is not how or when my family and I wanted to leave. (I had the best summer planned. How I wish I could just keep that at least). Despite this, the move back to Australia represents a new and exciting opportunity.  

But as we have only confirmed it's time to leave, in the last 24 hours, I’m still working through how this will all come together.

My plans for Chiqui Alta is to continue to make beautiful, handmade Spanish leather shoes, for tall women and for women with big feet.  Whilst starting a small business in the worst retail environment in 25 years hasn’t been plain sailing, I’ve been overwhelmed by the support, encouragement and initial sales of my Hightail ballet flats. I hope that with the move to Australia, I can pick up a new and invigorated momentum and continue to provide beautiful, quality shoes for women with big feet.

I’m currently in discussions with our manufacturers, based in Elche, the Spanish heartland of leather and shoe manufacturing.  While the factory remains shut, we have been developing a new process to create Chiqui Alta’s next designs without being able to meet face to face.  It's the new way to work!

Luckily my suppliers have an excellent track record in crafting shoes for international brands, and they are experienced in working remotely with the clients. 

My aim is to be back up and running in Australia in approximately in three months.  I’m not sure if this is a reality or a pipe dream so I’ll keep you updated. In the current environment, there are significant factors outside my control.  It's all a bit of giant roller coaster ride. The journey is quite short, but with all the twists and turns along the way, we might be in a very different world by the time we get off.

While we're moving from Spain to Australia, I’ll still be around on social. If I'm up to it I'm be sharing the journey and the next round of designs. I'll be free to answer any questions about Chiqui Alta shoes, shoe production in Spain and relocating across continents during f*ck’d up times.  Kisses everyone.