Staying Home Never Looked So Good.

Staying Home Never Looked So Good. - Chiqui Alta

When I was a kid, my mum didn’t just poke fun at my big feet. She also offered great advice that formed my way in the world. I remember her telling me about the importance of dressing for yourself and not anyone else. She’d say,

your style is about what you love not what other
people want you to wear. 

Having your own style is demonstrating confidence. When you copy other people’s style or let brand names do the work for you, you’re really letting those elements define you. And that can be fine too. There are definitely style icons I can only dream of emulating. But at the end of the day, it’s the way I construct my eclectic combinations that make my style, my own.

Even when we are confined to our homes, we still have the need to set our own style. 

In this time of isolation, there is no better time for reinvention and evolution. That doesn’t necessarily mean buying new items. It can mean taking stock, repurposing and knowing where you want to go. 

I’ve written previously of the benefits getting up, getting dressed and putting your shoes on. Even today, I sent my best friend’s son a birthday message, and I was aghast and what I looked like. Despite our confinement, we still need to present our best selves. While I did send on the message, I thought afterwards – 1. I hope they don’t share that and 2. I wouldn’t walk out the door looking that way, why did I put myself on camera?

For the record, I was wearing my gorgeous Tall Poppy Red Ballet Flats at the time, but I hadn’t done my hair. My bestie won’t care, or she might call me or to find out if I’ve given up. I definitely haven’t, it was a spontaneous moment.

But it made me think, being at home, we do have a choice - we can either A. fall into the doldrums of not giving a flying-frig or B. remaining true to ourselves and the style we want to project.  

And if you’re like me and fall off the style wagon, for a day or so, that’s ok. 

We all have our off days. Just don’t get it on camera!  

Here are my top tips for staying styled and looking good around the house:

  1. Work from bottom up.  Putting shoes on makes, you feel motivated and less like an inmate. Obviously wearing a pair of comfy shoes around the house is ideal. Chiqui Alta Hightails are the perfect isolation shoe. When you’re tall, with big feet, sometimes it feels better to wear shoes. Hightails have been thoughtfully designed for big feet, including being cast from a size 42 last (shoe mould), having a slightly higher ballet-flat pitch and air vents.

    They can be slipped on and off without the need to laces. They are comfortable enough to be worn all day, whether it’s a walk to the supermarket or for around the block.

    They are ethically, handmade in Spain, in beautiful soft buttery leather from quality artisans. Exactly what tall women with big feet deserve.
  1. Work from the top down.When the whole family is on devices all day, you don’t know when you are going to be caught on camera. Currently, amongst my other family roles, I’m also the technical help desk for my kids’ homeschooling. I’m always sorting out their connectivity issues, which means I’m inadvertently talking to teachers, other kids and parents when I least expect it.

    Instead of getting a fright when you catch yourself on screen, be prepared. Workout what hairstyles are best for you on camera and do an easy up-style or quick straighten when you get dressed in the morning.

    Personally am a massive fan of turban headbands. They make you look well-presented, hide regrowth and bad hair days and make you look younger.

    While you’re at it add some gorgeous colourful earring such as these ones from India Mahon. Finish with a quick slick of lipgloss, and you’ll be puckering at yourself when you next catch your own reflection.

Amazonia, blue ballet flats for big feet

COS Playsuit, Chiqui Alta Hightails in Amazonia, Louvelle turbanBetty Love Bracelets, Christian Dior sunnies by Vestiaire Collections & India Mahon Earrings

  1. Wear the clothes you love. Every day my 9-year-old daughter asks if she can wear one of her favourite outfits to homeschooling. At the rate she grows she’ll need a completely new wardrobe by the time we get out of iso, so I’m happy with whatever she wants to wear. I’ve started taking her advice too. Why save all your favourite dresses for special occasions? If we are living for each day, why not wear your favourite frock. You’ll also feel great, swanning around in your favourite outfits - that’s what it’s all about.

Dressing Up Ballet Flats for Big Feet at Home

( #📷 @danielmarchumphreys Instagram)

  1. Wear a romper or a playsuit. Playsuits, rompers, boilersuits, monos, whatever they’re called, are my favourite go-to outfits. Even though they are casual and comfy, the all-over design means you can dress them up or down. They look like you’re wearing a dress, but in reality, they’re just a pair of shorts and shirt sewn together. I’m a little obsessed. I love the ones from COS and they look great with ballet flats.
  1. Have a crazy day.While in lockdown my screen time watching TikTok has gone up. It’s not something I’m particularly proud of, especially as I removed it from all devices a few months back, because it is mindless dribble. Now someone in my family is watching it daily, and we are enjoying the mind-numbing escape from our monotony. My kids love the challenges and being a bit silly. We take ideas from what others are doing or create our own challenges. We have theme days, fashion parades and dress-up days, and they all work to add some extra fun at home. When others see you on-screen with a giant afro or unicorn hair, it usually always ends in a few laughs and starts conversations. Plus its another excuse to not do your hair in the morning – ha.

Being in iso can be tedious, but just ignore that and focus on your style. Buy a pair of Hightail Ballet flats, throw a turban in your hair, some bold earrings and your favourite playsuit and you’ll feel like your on your way to Ibiza. Not staying home.  

Remember. There’s no place like home. And there is no better ballet flat for big feet than Chiqui Alta Hightails. Which colour is your favourite?