6 Essential Gifts For Stylish, Tall Women

6 Essential Gifts For Stylish, Tall Women - Chiqui Alta

Christmas and the gift-giving season is upon us, which means it's time to get creative for the tall women we know in our lives. 

I love thinking up useful, exciting gifts for my family and friends. As tall women, we all need a bit extra and finding the perfect gift for tall women or women with tall feet can be require some extra thought, so here are some ideas I've come up with for the tall chicas in my life.

 1. A swimsuit – made tall in all the right places.

No matter what time of year it is, we always need a great fitting, stylish swimsuit at the ready. 

CODE B is an Australian brand created by tall supermodel Bree who is 5'11. Her models and clients are upwards of 6'4, and she has beautiful classic designs for all shapes and sizes.

If you after super stylish, tall fitting, gorgeous swimmers for yourself or as the perfect tall girl gift, find out more about CODE B and the beautiful collection of swimmers here…. 

CodeB Swimmers, Stripe Swimmers, Tall Swimmers

Ahead - see beautiful gift ideas for tall women and women with big feet.


2. The perfect ballet flat for big feet. 

Beautiful shoes for big feet are the ultimate thoughtful gift for tall women and women with big feet. Fellow big footer Marina Cid, spent 2 years in Spain crafting her sumptuous ballet flats in big sizes, European 39 to 46. Her shoes are ethically made and handcrafted from a small village in Elda in Spain. Now she sends her beautiful shoes around the world from her new home in Australia.

 Find out more about Chiqui Alta and the beautiful collection ballet flats for big feet here …. 

Blue ballet flats, beautiful shoes for big feet, python ballet flats, chiqui alta

3. Adjustable Bag Straps

How many times have you found the perfect bag only to discover it sits just below your boobs or worse flat across them – FAIL! Tall friendly bag straps are a god-send and can make your bag customized to your height.

 I adore this range of beautiful straps. They are inexpensive and will transform the way you shop for bags. Best of all they adjust to your needs, giving you extra room either as a shoulder bag or a cross-body bag. They're a great gift on their own or as an added gift with a handbag.

Also, they come in unique, bold colours and will go perfectly with any the Chiqui Alta ballet flats, so you can be tall, stylish and coordinated.  Choose your favourite here


 Tall girl bag strap, matches shoes for big feet,

4. Jumpsuits

Did I say Jumpsuits for tall women? Hell yes!

I know inseam dreams are a thing every tall girl is on the hunt for. We all love jumpsuits, but let's face it, we can't even look at anything on the high street. Even usually, tall-friendly brands struggle to understand the tall torso, tall crutch and inseam requirements of tall women and jumpsuits. – this is why I love eshakti jumpsuits Every outfit can be customized to your shape. Some designs have customized sleeves as well as hem lengths. And they do long dresses as loads of other clothes too…. WARNING – you may get stuck on this site for hours. Happy browsing.

 And of course their range of colours and styles mean you can find the perfect outfit to match your beautiful shoes for big feet from Chiqui Alta

eshaki jumpsuit, tall jumpsuits, playsuits, tall fashion, big feet



5. Black Lace Body Suit by Height of Fashion

Number five in my top picks for gifts for tall chicas (not that they are in any order), is this lace bodysuit by HOF. Just like jumpsuits, not all high street bodysuits are going to stretch to the heights of goddesses. This model is 6'4 and rocks this bodysuit so much that no matter you're height you'll be rocking around the Christmas tree when you get to unwrap it this year.

Team this bodysuit your favourite skirt or under a jacket and you'll be wearing this all year around. 

HOF is an essential brand for tall girls over 6 foot. It's owned by fellow 6footer @TheTallCEO and delivers globally too. 

Find out more here 

 Tall bodysuit back


6. Bangles in large sizes

As tall girls, we all loathe that Cinderella moment when the shoes don't fit or the pants are too short, but what about jewellery? I've been so disappointed thinking I've found the perfect bracelet only to discover it doesn't go over my hand – sigh.

I've fallen in love with the bracelets from Dinosaur Designs – they are beyond modern. They are artfully and ethically made in Australia by artist Louise Olsen and her husband. The best news for tall women is that these bangles come in large sizes to go over our beautiful hands.

The customer service is fantastic, so if you're not sure, ask online for specific details about sizing, and they can tell you about each particular piece. 

And of course their bright, strong colours go with your favourite Chiqui Altas as well

 Click here to see the colours and styles.


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