10 Ways to find Perfect Fitting Shoes for Big Feet

10 Ways to find Perfect Fitting Shoes for Big Feet - Chiqui Alta

The best fitting shoes probably don’t fall off when you are running down the stairs. But having shoes that fit has been the dream of every little girl since Brothers Grimm created a perfect princess with tiny feet who could wear glass slippers (Baaastards).

Women with big feet put up with a lot to get better-fitting shoes. Often just being able to squeeze our feet into a shoe is the most rewarding part of finding a shoe – it fits!! And then we are overwhelmed with that Cinderella feeling. (Cue the opera singers and clouds parting).

A friend and I were laughing the other day about the need for half sizes. Depending on the brand, we have both had the requirement to purchase half sizes. Still, when you have a larger than average feet, you’re usually so glad that you can find a shoe that fits, half sizes are a dream.  

From having hard-to-fit-feet and being a runner, I’ve learnt, when you have big feet, you can always go up a half size or even a full size. You can’t or shouldn’t go down. Shoes that are too short at the toe can lead to toenail issues. I’ve learnt the hard way. Having a little room at the top of your shoe is healthy for your feet, especially for those with a longer second toe. 

There is a whole industry dedicated to aiding the improvement of better-fitting shoes. Sometimes the perfect fit can be just an insert or a spray away. 

Sites like Dr Scholls Insole Advisor can help with advice covering comfort, to smells https://www.drscholls.com/insole-advisor/

I’ve also been trying out the shoe stretching sprays that my clients swear by. This week I’m trying two different versions. I’ll let you know back here how I go. 


Vital Foot 

I’ve found women with big feet to be some of the most resourceful people in helping to find the perfect fit. Dr Google also shares her wisdom with us. 

But for my 10c, here are my top tips:

Top 10 Ways to find find perfect fitting shoes for big feet:

  1. Know your foot measurements, including length and circumference and double-check size guides for both of these measures with every brand. If you are unsure, check out our free FitKit guide.
  2. Always buy leather shoes which will mould to your feet. 
  3. If your shoes are long or big at the front use a memory foam toe insert, they will change your life.  Like these ones.
  4. If your heel slips, insert a silicone heel cushion.  Like these ones.
  5. If your shoes are big all over, try a full-sole insert. 
  6. If your shoes are little tight, try walking around at home with a pair of thick socks.
  7. If your shoes are really tight, you need to speed up wear-in or have a constant area of pain, use a spray-on leather stretcher and walk around with a thick pair of socks (see above for trials)
  8. If your shoes are always a little tight or you have bumps or grooves on your feet, invest in a shoe tree stretcher.
  9. Always try and wear your shoes for at least 5 hours before spending all day in them. Breaking in your shoes 30 minutes or an hour at a time, while working or watching TV will save your feet from first-event shoe fatigue.
  10. When you are not wearing your shoes, keep them on a shelf with a shoe tree or the tissue paper and shoe holder your shoes came with.  


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